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Fake news was always with us - it is extremely dangerous to our democracy - objectivity, try it

Just look at how insane and vile these people have become - to sacrifice mentally ill children to gender mutilation.
Not just unethical authorities but obscene (by any standard) allowing it e.g. dilating boys 'vaginas' - you are all sick.
Not just poor ill boys to fake girls, "Would you rather have a dead daughter or living transgender son?"-
Fooled into thinking it is just being nice? You do not help an alcoholic by giving them booze or saying, "it's okay to get smashed out of your head".
Are you kind to an anorexic by agreeing that they're too fat? So, why go along with a deluded boy so he takes bad chemicals & has penis cut off?
Asked, "Why harmful for 18+?" Because you cause confusion in vulnerable young children, you damage not only the patient but also all of society.
Sorry but it is absolute fact that your sex or gender has absolutely nothing to do with how you feel about it - this is about mental illness.

Latest: Why Russia will not allow Ukraine to become a member of NATO or the EU

Hidden causality (NATO/EU expansionism) & - analysis Simon Webb (author)
Tucker Carlson's final proof the media and government are lying to you - "This will make you sick to your stomach" -
Tucker Carlson admits: 'The media's job is to control... not here to inform you... treat them with maximum contempt' -

MSM hide Washington Post evidence from December 2022 that Ukraine is likely destroyer of Nova Kakhovka dam (Tucker showed how Nord Stream pipeline was USA)
"Russia had to arm and feed its forces via three crossings: the Antonovsky Bridge, the Antonovsky railway bridge and the Nova Kakhovka dam, part of a hydroelectric facility with a road running on top of it. The two bridges were targeted with U.S.-supplied M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems or HIMARS launchers, which have a range of 50 miles and were quickly rendered impassable... Kovalchuk considered flooding the river. The Ukrainians, he said, even conducted a test strike with a HIMARS launcher on one of the floodgates at the Nova Kakhovka dam, making three holes in the metal to see if the Dnieper’s water could be raised enough to stymie Russian crossings but not flood nearby villages."

You self-retard governments support the escalation into nuclear war - wake the feck up before too late you fools

'The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.'

Politicians are destroying the UK and inflict conflict with mass immigration. All problems are worsened by traitors to British people - treason.

Authorities lack honesty e.g. climate, Covid, Brexit, wokeness, white privilege, transphobia, Islamaphobia... if you disbelieve then read below.

Recent news: Truth about so-called ‘Windrush Generation’ Simon Webb historian & author - Article link

Inequality: are you being deceived to protect the rich and powerful - by those you expect truth and honesty?

For example, are Professor Thomas PIKETTY, Sir Ian Diamond and Sir David Norgrove men of DISHONOUR?

Read the pdfs if you doubt that those in authority or positions of trust are lying to you, a demonstrable FACT.

Is even one worthy of title 'Professor' - a person who accepts unquestioned doctrine as being absolute fact?

Is PIKETTY really the working class hero many think he is? OR do economists display contempt for workers

when they deceive them, say inequality improved (using statistical cons) while rich increase 10% plus more?

They know the truth so clearly afraid to answer the simplest of question. Sold their soul with no self respect.

First a story - a village notice from the Sheriff of Nottingham, collector of taxes and agent for King John:

I wish to inform owners of cottages and peasants who can read, that while our great King John has doubled income for himself and his 25 Barons, he halved the incomes of all smaller landowners across entire of England and thus reduced inequality for all of you. Henceforth, to improve your health and stop villages getting more smoke filled, he puts new tax on kindling and wood. Praise be to King John - the creator of jobs and wealth.


Signed - Sheriff of Nottingham


Are YOU happy that the public are treated the same as this - like stupid peasants - by cowardly liars who cannot tell everyone the truth?

IFS even asks, "Why are top incomes racing away?" - (King John doubled income for self and Barons), virtually admit inequality is worsening.

However, saw they revealled this deception and other lies so deleted ER_JC_2013 evidence. I made a copy as they demonstrate their dishonesty.

They all refuse to see just how dishonest they are after accepting obvious fact; top incomes ARE racing away, prefer to pretend self-retardation.

ALL LIE. I prove the measures are statistical cons to deceive people that inequality goes up & down and returns to a previous low level.

Every government since Margaret Thatcher's Big Bang have made income inequality much worse - the richest getting the biggest rises.

Many of our problems are with the help of this so-called 'intelligentsia' e.g. fuel poverty and health inequality, which will claim extra lives this winter.

These are people helping those in power get richer, this is while we have energy rationing based on a families income and ability to pay.

If they're being honest, then even as schoolboy I had the education/ intelligence (link) to beat them in maths. Read how pathetic they are.

The truth inequality worsens is beyond self-evident, it's manifest once seen. Rich incomes diverge at higher percentage, economists lie.

Below are the email PDFs - a few people were actually brave enough to reply. Number 12 below is the latest - I will try to update monthly:

Resolution Foundation and others 4.pdf
12. This pdf to be updated with new (& older) emails to economists/ media - eventually 100’s?Statistics Sweden and The Local Sweden News Media ............................................................. Scottish Government and Nature Scientific Journal ................................................................... 15-April-2023 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Carl Emmerson IFS.pdf
11. IFS defence? It SEEMS they do not understand they mislead the public - so government can say, 'we relied on the experts'. How mislead? An IFS lie e.g. about inequality ratios is "Again a higher number indicates greater inequality”, not understanding how that inequality greatly worsens in later years with lower ratios. The richest increased their income gap. I wonder if the Director (Paul Johnson) or any of the management team can see sense. Extract of a FACT: "You compare one family of lower income with one higher income, not all of groups. Thus ignoring millions of poorest and also those rich at the top increasing wealth ;)" CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
1. STUDENTS ask your teacher or lecturer if they can answer a simple question Thomas Piketty could or would not. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Sir Ian Diamond Sir David Norgrove.pdf
2. Sir Ian Diamond (National Statistician) & Sir David Norgrove (Chairman of UK Statistics Authority) not forthcoming. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

STUDENTS - very easy to learn - how to measure income inequality accurately - draft version. CLICK TO OPEN

Coursework: add column for prior year incomes to show ONS a line on the chart for the percentage increase of income - how the rich exacerbate disparity.

ONS credibility.pdf
3. Have the ONS got any credibility - given the fact they demonstrably deceive the public about income inequality? CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Regulations UK Statistics Authority.pdf
4. Having to explain to them, like they did not know, just exactly how they are wrong and lying to British public. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Professor Sir Angus Deaton.pdf
5. Perhaps Sir Angus will help - the most honest and honourable of all economists (or possibly the only one).* NB asterisk CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
My response to ONS reply.pdf
6. Read ONS reply on page 2 first. I shake my head at this contempt for the publics right to know facts. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Ed Humpherson DG Regulation UK Statistics.pdf
7. Read his authorities response on page 3 first. Good example of self-retardation, when intelligent people do not want to see facts. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Ed Humpherson - update.pdf
8. His reply. With my prior email I had hoped he, Sir David and Sir Ian would reconsider but knew they decided to continue with the lies. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Heather Humphreys TD Social Protection Ireland UPDATE.pdf
9. UPDATE - people in power continue lying - can anyone explain how they are not lying to the public? UPDATED 10 June 2022. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Early childhood inequalities.pdf
10. Stuck? read email 4 (10 March 2022): "redistribute all money in system as though that is what the inequality actually is...fiddling of the figures" - DOWNLOAD
Evidence deleted by corrupt IFS - this is a copy I made knowing what untrustworthy liars they all are - just in case. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


I tried to explain to Ms Humphreys that they aren't simply saying, 'the result of Gini is x' - but holding up a distorted mirror to LIE.

Economists ALL know - unless absolute rubbish at maths - it is a demonstrable FACT that INEQUALITY ALWAYS GETS WORSE.

*As I say about corrupt people who cover up big lies: "every one is a rotten apple when given a chance to prove they are not".

A 'Noble Lie' is knowingly propagated by elite to maintain social harmony or advance agenda. Plato concept coined by Socrates.

It is seen they cannot defend their lies. Historically, all should be remembered for naught but lying to public - for greed of the rich.

The same as UK government who know green tax with tripling energy bills do not hinder the lives of their rich donors - it is for you.


Subjective Opinion


Context: Unlike the woke - I believe the facts are obviously more important than feelings. My feelings are hurt, so sad. Not a crime - move on.

What you think about people involves things like how much you feel you trust them. Not just simply your opinion on how they have behaved.

I have been asked what I think about those I believe facts prove liars with no honour - e.g. Thomas Piketty, Ian Diamond and David Norgrove.


All those too cowardly to answer simple direct questions or tell dangerous lies to others. Concealing truth to deceive - like direct falsehoods.


I think they are a stain on the underpants of mankind. Their stench will make your stomach retch - they have soiled human existence on earth.

If you think this is hyperbole then look forensically at all the lives they helped destroy. Same goes for those involved in other topics e.g. wokery.

These people are usually motivated good, but are demonstrably self-retarded, closing minds to all facts that do not conform to flawed thinking.

e.g. IFS lie shown below on ratios: "Again a higher number indicates greater inequality". Lie as same ratio can have greater or lesser inequality.

Liars OR pathetic moronic fools at IFS e.g. look at 99/90 ratio, sounds most useful: "Describes the inequality between the very top and the top".

So you would think this shows just how the richest people in our country are pulling away from the rest of the high income sector of UK society.

So - did all the economists & managers at Institute for Fiscal Studies honestly not realised 2.4 in 2005 was greater inequality than 2.4 in 1988?

They truly never understood that the range was increasing therefore the inequality was getting worse? I paid attention in maths, did you?

NB saying 99/90 "Describes the inequality between the very top and the top" - actually hides it as richest at top of 1% inequality worsens most.

Image description


Hardly Opus Magnum of Garry Anderson from Liverpool (born 1954), merely collection of his thoughts. Sorry, not good enough to expose liars.

Obviously, I knew what sort of corrupt people I was dealing with so was expecting that. So this is just for the record, all for you folks in the future.

I ask, "How am I wrong" about all things - not one person has made objective response that proves me wrong - else I would change my position.

Attacking corrupt authorities, the individuals in power who are traitors to British people and our country.

IMPORTANT - all inequality measures that I have looked at are statistical confidence tricks - it includes even the praised new Palma ratio.

It is much praised as it is supposed to show inequality better - being the poorest 40% compared to richest 10% of the population.

Scotland 'improved' since 2011/12 to 2014/15, falling from 118% to 112% with Palma. Good news for Scottish people and government - or deception?

To explain: they pretend the 40% and 10% groups are two large families – the simple comparison that the Palma ratio shows.

That is where professors 'go wrong'. They are, of course, millions of separate families on differing divergent incomes, divided into two large groups.

If you can think for a moment about just the richest 10% group - concentrate on that.

In any one year the bottom of that range will rise relatively little, whilst the richest at the top income can rise by millions.

Quote: FTSE 100 directors enjoy 27pc pay rises [rises continued during recession]

So even in that range alone, inequality has worsened.

Now think about the poorest 40% range of population – similar will happen there.

The bottom of 40% range raises little or not at all (poorest stay in poverty) whilst the top of the 40% range rises much more e.g. minimum wage rise.

Inequality has worsened in this range also.

The outcome being that both ranges may have increased – but undeniably so has inequality - the gap between bottom and top of population most.

So at the end of this you could see ‘inequality’ using the Palma has improved, purely because of the bottom range total rising more – a statistical con.

Just because the lower range total (with increased inequality) has risen more than the upper range total (with increased inequality) - they say 'inequality' has improved.

What The Flip - are people really that thick - don't the self-retards realise they are measuring inequality of families within our country?

These people are intellectual professors of mathematics and economics - I mean, you understand and you think they do not?

That is how the deception in similar comparison inequality measures work e.g. S80/S20.

These self-retards are comparing two families (average of each group) - whilst completely ignoring the ranges - ignoring millions of people.

It was like saying that inequality in the UK improved just because the average wage went up - clearly not true.

Very intelligent people have been been told how to do something simple and have not understood what they are doing – which is unbelievable to me.

The public are all treated as though they would never be able to understand or work this out, like imbeciles.

It is most important to note: we are not taught to think for ourselves, just taught to think the same way as others (collectivism) so lies continue.

Collectivism so all singing from same hymn sheet e.g. income inequality goes up and down, man can be woman, global warming caused by man...

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past", think about that when you hear about climate. UK black history...

Again - try to look at this objectively: we are NOT taught to think for ourselves - merely to get the 'correct' answer.

And back from rant to the topic in hand...

UK ONS and other countries statistics offices measure inequality with Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient - it is a confidence trick


FACT: Gini is not only rubbish measuring inequality within a country, it's useless for comparing any country year on year but also one country to another.

The Gini coefficient is a confidence trick to hide the ever widening gap between each countries powerful rich families and the rest of the population. It also clearly hides millions of poor families, many who are in poverty. Obviously, nobody wants to admit they know this. Using frequency distribution to hide the wealthy, it only compares the poor to average income - not comparing the millions of poorest families on lowest income to the richest.

I use the analogy of measuring inequality with a rubber band in my video - inequality widens getting worse - yet the measure reads the same. Close your eyes and think about it for a minute, does the gap between the rich and poor ever get narrower? Wake up - they treat us like uneducated plebs! This is fact and not mere opinion being written here - some don't know the difference.


An example of stretch is during 2012 the FTSE director's got a 27% rise and the millions of people on minimum pay got 1.8% - the rich got £100,000's per annum, the poor got just over £200. In 2013 CEO's got 21% and those on minimum pay got 1.9% with similar sort of cash rise in the 'pay packet'.


In the video I made the following chart for those bad at maths and to provide undeniable proof for corrupt people like those at the ONS. How can (an ideal?) country be the same inequality as the UK? How is somebody in a country like this be living in the same inequality as us in UK?

Wouldn't a country with a more even spread of six times income differential not have much less inequality than ours? Why has this the same Gini then?

Image description
Image description


Firstly - this was in Telegraph March 8 2023 fake news article: No one believed the Covid Wuhan lab leak theory – then the world changed its tune

All media knew that a Wuhan virus coming from Wuhan virus lab was most likely cause - that was the fake news 2019-22 - calling us 'conspiracy nutters'.

"When Covid-19 first emerged in Wuhan in December 2019, many pointed out that the outbreak was close to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)"

Chinese had always eaten bats all over China, so odds are astronomical against Wuhan virus NOT coming from this new January 2018 Wuhan virus lab.

You have to accept the possibility of another source of course, but extremely remote. Now coming to how our corrupt UK government handled pandemic.

It was COMPLETELY MISMANAGED, there will be untold thousands die who did not get essential treatment - they do not want to know how malfeasant.

We did NOT follow any science e.g. stop deadly infected Chinese coming to UK - or stop NHS sending infected patents to vulnerable old people homes.

Patened mRNA vaccines were used (not the old way which China used), why would for profit companies want to develop a patentable vaccine I wonder.

Deaths also exaggerated, includes all within 28 days of positive test, Boris think doctors too stupid to record only those treated for Covid e.g. on ventilator.

You now know we were treated like mugs, with party-gate and magnified fear to make you comply - when they knew median age of deaths was 83 years old.

BTW: mRNA vaccine was a lie, it didn't stop you getting or passing the virus as they said it would. Added for the fools who believe propaganda

Self Retardation


Many people used to be self-deluded, but what we now have is self-retards - a descriptive term for those who ignore facts despite having intelligence.

e.g. if you cannot define what a woman is - then you are self-retarded. If you believe there is more than male and female - then you are self-retarded.

There are those who are liars pretending to be self-retarded of course - either because of cowardice of the woke - or for self interest (like economists?).

WOKE subhead - not transgender people who are clinically mentally ill, which therefore is nothing to be ashamed of - unlike intelligent woker

Your term for those of normal gender and sex (e.g. cis-women) is made up for those of your sickness - i.e. woke cancer, a self-inflicted mental illness.

Sorry, you made yourself deliberately ill chum. You must know you need help if you cannot tell a man from a woman, even after they got their cock out.

Indeed, if involved in child care and gender affirmation then you are a dangerous individual doing irrepairable harm to vulnerable young mental patients.

It is demonstrable FACT that men cannot transform into women or vice versa, they are not caterpillars who go through chrysalis into beautiful butterflys.

Your virtue signalling bull-crap fools nobody, only fools of low intellect. You scumbag bullies use lies to scare others to comply with your mental illness.

For example - cancel culture against J. K. Rowling - clearly mental illness to slur her like that. You cannot help yourselves. It is fact men are not women.

We all see people demonstrate self-retardation, exhibiting a poor grasp of reality, to whom truth is subjective - what they would like us to have believed.



Wealth and Taxation

Something else you are being conned about - the rich are not being squeezed - we are.

The financial wealth of the country has built up in the rich because ALL governments have helped them by squeezing the working class.

Workers have little or nothing left after tax and essential bills. Governments know tax is greater burden on them but lie about squeezing the rich.

BTW: You hear government propaganda about richest 1% paying 27% of income tax - they feel very sorry for this 'poor' 1% (themselves or friends).

It is because fat-cats are the ones with up to 30% compound rises year on year - whilst holding down pay of workers who made them all that money.

Nobody says there should not be wage differentials (e.g. pay more for skills) but they have been abandoned and greed is now avarice - insatiable greed.

It is insulting because they use this exploitation of workers as propaganda against them. Pay workers these big rises and they will pay more tax also.


Image description

If you were an extremely rich powerful family - wouldn’t the easiest way to mask your annual increased inequality be to group yourself with those on much lower (and slower growing) income e.g. over £56,000/yr pre-tax for top 10% in UK?

Can you honestly not see that grouping very rich people with those on lower incomes (like the top 10%) into so-called 'inequality metrics’ (e.g. S90/S10) will actually hide increasing inequality?

If not then you need watch my Youtube video, as it is fact that these 'inequality metrics' actually hide worsening inequality - they remove the range.

The IFS are also part of the 'problem', these CHARLATANS support the deception.

Below is a chart from the Institute for Fiscal Studies as usual showing 'income inequality' going down as well as up, 

when in FACT this is while incomes diverge and inequality truly gets much worse - richest increasing massively. 

What do they truly not understand - are all dunces who sat at the back of class not understanding numbers?

In IFS pdf is a usual lie: "Again a higher number indicates greater inequality" because the same ratio can have much greater or less inequality.

Take for example 99/90 (Describes the inequality between the very top and the top). So that you think it would highlight how richest get richer.

They are protecting very richest of rich (<0.001%) - being lumped together with others in rest of top 1% who do not increase income as much.

OR truly intellectual insignificant people at the IFS. They honestly thought that 2.4 in 1988 and 2005 meant that inequality stayed exact same?

How was it possible for them to grasp - with range increasing and richest rising income by millions - that inequality was getting much worse? (Page not found - the web page you requested does not exist.)

Evidence deleted by corrupt IFS - this is a copy I made knowing what untrustworthy liars they all are - just in case. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

EDIT to explain what is going on here - for those who are who are not good at maths:

Mathematicians will use charts or graphs to best present the data, so to explain to readers what is happening.

Economists use them to misrepresent the data, so to hide from readers what is happening - demonstrably so.

Good example of this is the Lorenz curve - a propaganda tool so they do not compare incomes to each other.

Instead of comparing incomes, sensational misdirection, they compare all incomes to a 'perfect equality line'.

The calculation merely compares poorest 20% to just an average income, then continues underestimate rest.

The Lorenz curve is basis of the Gini coefficient, about which all economists lie, saying it measures inequality.

A Gini coefficient cannot be used to compare countries or even one country year on year - demonstrable fact.

Below - IFS has treated millions people as though they are just two families - simply sharing all their incomes.

This technique is used because it removes income inequality of families within the two diverging groups.

They are treating the public like stupid peasants. This is not measuring inequality, it merely hides inequality.

Or do IFS not know, with range increasing & rich incomes rising millions, that inequality has got much worse?

BTW: my point about mathmaticians on this site, is that even if economists had poop for brains - they do not.

Image description


Think about it – the gap between the rich and poor always gets wider. The poorest hardly get any rise and are still in poverty, those of us above get little more - whilst rich fat-cats increase their incomes by up to 30%, compounded year on year into a massive annual fortune. Incomes diverge, never converge to improve inequality. They think us idiots.

The UK Office for National Statistics help the scam using statistical confidence tricks, including the Gini coefficient. My findings prove this beyond any doubt. The con is to hide the ever widening income inequality between any countries powerful rich families and the rest of the population. Government and authorities have utter contempt of us.

If the government measured weight problems by ignoring the obese and dangerously underweight - you would say they were corrupt and trying to hide the problems - wouldn't you? That is how they measure inequality - ignore the richest and poorest groups - those millions of people most affected by what is being measured. For political motive.

Indeed, the UK Statistics Authority (Deputy Head of Regulation) actually admitted to me about the Gini (2014), “I agree with your observation that it is not ideal if your particular interest is in inequalities at the top or bottom of the spectrum”. So admitting it is "not ideal" if you care about rich or poor. The first time perhaps they disclosed the fact they know it hides the inequalities of the rich and poor. This con goes for other inequality metrics e.g. Palma ratio and S80/S20.

IMPORTANT: more recently (2022), Mr Ed Humpherson (Director General of Regulations at UK Statistics Authority) practically admits it is useless, saying, "the Gini Coefficient can remain static while the underlying distribution changes”. He cannot deny the facts I put before him - see pdf emails above for context. BTW: Nor can others deny.

It is sickening to me that government lied about improving inequality to make billions of pounds of welfare cuts to our poorest families. This is not mere opinion that inequality worsens, it is objective fact and is easily proven. Do not be self-retarded. I explain how they did it, easy enough for a school kid to understand - but not one 'expert' at the ONS it seems:



See video... How we are conned: Inequality, Tax and Corporations

The main metric used for inequality was originally the Lorenz Curve which turned into the Gini Coefficient - sometimes it is called the Gini Index.

Max Lorenz & later Corrado Gini created this measure as statistical con to hide the fact that inequality always worsens - never returns to a prior low level.

Unless they both were really crap at maths - and did not understand what it did - not likely.

Sorry you have all been fooled - Gini is useless - incomparable one country to another - or even one country any year compared to another - example:

UK Gini index was 32.3% in 1986 & 2012 YET rich annually increased by larger percentage than poor & workers, compounded into massive disparity.

So this measure of 32.3 for any other country can be much higher or lower inequality - and obviously any other measure you pick - useless comparison.

The Gini is a con to make people believe that government are addressing inequality and are reigning it back in, when the truth is it gets worse every year.

They lie, so when they show you the Gini go down any year you believe that inequality does. The admission they agreed with my observation is proof the authorities know it hides inequality.

The calculation merely compares the poorest 20% of population to average income - not to those above or the rich, then continues to underestimate rest.

You should clearly understand the FACT that Gini coefficient does not make any objective comparison between rich and poor people within any country.

They know all data has to be included as it is an essential factor in making the derived analysis more accurate. Yet they ignore this fact. The only logical reason to ignore the poorest and richest groups is to hide how bad inequality is getting. Corrado Gini would have also known this in 1912 - unless he was a terrible mathematician. This was always a con job on the general population.

Wiki: Gini was a eugenicist, and prior to and during World War II, he was an advocate of Italian Fascism. Following the war, he founded the Italian Unionist Movement, which advocated for the annexation of Italy by the United States.

If government and authorities would lie about that, causing poor desperate families with children to suffer, then they would lie about anything. Indeed, most all is lies e.g. governments know rich don't care about 'green tax' - they can afford it. This is all about controlling the working class - people like you and me i.e. anybody not rich. Propaganda lies are fed daily to the Public to control what the population think - even wars like Iraq and Ukraine.

BTW: on BBC was a presentstion "The TV presenters telling Russians what to believe" - is this what they call irony?

Only fair wage legislation can stop the greed of rich in privileged positions of power, remember that if we get any Swiss-type referendum. Do not bottle out.

V---Below is how inequality should be measured - objectively comparing all the individual incomes of the entire country. Nowhere to hide greed.---V

As can be seen - these two hypothetical countries (with similar Gini coefficients to UK) can have vastly different inequality levels.

Image description



Quote: "Inequality in Britain has gone down and not up" - hard to find but CSPAN have the quote.

The Prime Minister said those words at PMQ's on 24 June 2015 - here is another copy with direct time link of it -

Prior boast Wednesday 6 November 2013: PMQs: Inequality is at its lowest since 1986 - and David Cameron takes the session with that

That was from the Independent - shown in my 2014 video above - "Labour conspired to hand Cameron the win this afternoon" by John Rentoul

NB: I have had criticism about revealing the Job Creator Myth - which plutocrat billionaire Nick Hanauer has recently confirmed in his video.

The REALITY: does a factory get created with jobs as a main reason - or is hundreds of jobs gone if it can be done cheaper by machine?


Jobs are used only if necessity - 'job creators' do not want an expense that has wages, holidays, sickness, pensions, NI, can strike or have babies...


As for the 'Wealth Creator' myth - guess who they create wealth for - themselves - government applaud greed and praise 'job creators' (guess why £).

Contrary to popular belief and mainstream media publishing government propaganda (all parties) - it is the working class who are squeezed most.

Image description


BREXIT - was for the sake of our grandchildren - our children already have had their lives made worse for them.


Many have blamed us 'old people'  for voting out - but many of us 'old people' have seen what is happening over the decades.

I am still amazed we had more than 5% of the population voting to stay who are SO stupid or self-retarded they *still* cannot see the problems getting worse in the EU or that us remaining makes our problems worse. For the many spin-doctors: staying in wasn't going towards solving these problems.

Tiny example of integration on 15 January 2016 Cologne attacks: Migrant men banned from German swimming pool

BTW: I never blame good immigrants who are only doing what many of us would do (go to better country) - or say they caused the problems - for those that slur & misrepresent me. Corrupt neoliberal MP's in government are entirely to blame - wanting cheap skills and labour for their rich fat-cat boss friends - those people inequality metrics are fiddled for.

We have made our kids lose out being in the EU, as firms and government would rather take skilled workers from a vast supply of immigrants than train British young adults.

What about rest of world immigration - think about that - this is worsening social mobility for British working class kids, are you not ashamed of that the socialists amongst you?

The times we heard stupid people say, "We wouldn't have the NHS if it wasn't for immigration" - government treat you like morons and lied about not being able to get Brits to be doctors (they restricted training). NHS lied about Brits not wanting to nurse and are taking trained nurses from poorer countries (in & out of EU), while turning down tens of thousands of young Brits.
This is why we have to leave the 'single market' with free movement and seriously restrict points system with critical examination of each applicant.

We are taking away skilled and younger people from poorer countries but supporters of EU don't care what state it leaves these poorer countries for their elderly left behind.

Mass immigration was supposed to solve the problem of elderly people having to work years longer - how is that working out - it will make the elderly care crisis £trillions worse.

Why - the cost for looking after elderly individuals is rising - immigrants and their children/ grandchildren get old also - do you understand concept of a pyramid scam?

It gets increasingly worse with the rest of world - the government KNOW that it will cost much more per person in health care - important facts are hidden from you:

Quote from positive multiculturalist Guardian news media: "Thousands of south Asian people with dementia are being failed by outdated health and care services designed for white British patients, according to an alarming review that warns the UK is “woefully unprepared” to cope with a predicted sevenfold increase in cases."

"People of south Asian heritage in the UK are more likely to develop the disease than the general population due to their higher risk of other illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, that increase the risk of dementia. The number of them living with dementia is set to increase by 600% within the next three decades."

What about the combined effect of mass immigration from rest of world (see topic below) - the influx from EU makes problems much worse as government lower bosses costs.

The EU is an anti-democratic scam - allowing poorer incompatible countries to join. We were never going to flood Poland - though many of our jobs have gone there.

Cameron lied with his "tens of thousands" - it was not achievable - which the press did not warn about - yet they did about Brexit lies e.g. £350m to the NHS (also wrong).

It is important to note that the EU want Turkey +others to join, the latest confirmation was March 2016. Even if these countries do not join soon, they all want EU expansion. Also, this refugee problem that they cannot handle is tiny to what is to come with world overpopulation.

People only have to look at what is happening: skilled & semi-skilled Brit wages held down - less housing & jobs available to Brits - Pension Pyramid Scam
 (immigrants get old too, as do their children, grandchildren...) with care it will cost £trillions - worsening food/water/energy security - many more crimes - greater congestion - more NHS overstretch...

Ignorant people do not understand is that we are incurring massive extra costs because of immigration - all the extra things that we need to build or put in place.

Not just extra schools (and teachers), prisons (and staff), hospitals (and staff), diversity managers, translators, but would you believe even desalination plants.

We had to have one built in London in June 2010 - just to prevent drought shortage with the extra demand for drinking water for these *millions* of extra population.

The pro-immigration nutters do not like facts like these - they are helping the rich to f- up the British working class..

The financial (Mars bar) gain is fiddled as it does not include all costs e.g. crime - also false argument anyway because it could be Brits making this money.

Also we get self-retarded woke playing down immigrant crimes - they talk about per capita and ignore the actual numbers of crimes that could have been avoided completely.

ALSO even if we build 100,000 homes every year it still would not be enough for 300,000+ extra immigration (total) - and we know young Brits cannot get social housing any more.

The Tories will likely take advantage - but they can be voted out. Even if half the Remainians scare-mongering is true - we had to leave. Can you all *honestly* not see that?

The bosses do not train any more to anything like they used to. In early 1970's, I was trained by EITB (Engineering Industry Training Board) as a Mechanical Engineering Technician Trainee - and later as a Telecommunications Technician Trainee with PYE Telecom.

1964 -Engineering Industry Training Board
The EITB had the power to impose a financial training levy on employers over a certain size. Employers who could prove a good track record of training activity could be granted exemption from most of the levy.

Corrupt governments would rather give skilled jobs to foreign workers than train our British kids up to higher standards.

WARNING - corrupt politicians still want this cheap skilled immigrant labor - so we do not train young British workers, even now we are out of the EU.

BTW: We can control seasonal work: "More than 98% of those coming to the UK through a previous Seasonal Agricultural Workers scheme returned home."




Authorities and media lie - you are all being brainwashed. In fact 'fake news' was already here - for example, try deny this:

Chilcot was a cover-up - he lied when saying it was "flawed intelligence", allowing Blair to say he "trusted the intelligence".

I knew the inquiry would pivot on this point - the authorities clearly do not want to prosecute and will allow the guilty to go free.

However, the truth is Tony Blair got John Scarlett and JIC to alter the intelligence - so it was in fact 'falsified intelligence' and not flawed.

It is on record the cabal changed the wording and removed caveats to achieve the desired outcome - to deceive parliament and public.

For example, "
MAY BE ABLE to deploy chemical or biological weapons" was changed to "ARE ABLE to deploy chemical or biological weapons".

(You can see Google has only around thirty sites reporting this fact - some are mine - proof perhaps that authorities do not want to prosecute?)

Analogy: You are seriously ill, ATOS may say that you ARE ABLE to do something to fail you in the All Work Test and to rob you of legal entitlement.

I wrote for years that Blair would merely be heavily criticised in the latest cover-up for an 'error of judgement' - his 'mistake' - to make the inquiry look like they are being more critical than in the past. The JIC all would know they should not make the evidence for invasion stronger - it was no mistake.

If bad people killed or mutilated up to a million British men, women, children and babies by illegal invasion, we *all* would want them to stand trial - true?

Finally, the truth is out - though nobody held to account by corrupt authorities: The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war was designed to “avoid blame” and reduce the risk that individuals and the government could face legal proceedings, newly released documents reveal.

Who cares about all the poor innocents murdered by Bush and Blair - not our governments - thus acting as recruiting sergeants for ISIS.

Imagine the terrible grief if your child was killed - these poor souls were just as precious to their parents - they deserve justice.

Iraq dead baby



Privatisation: have you still not realised the truth?


There is this man on £4.1m in charge of British Gas who has hiked customers electricity prices up by 12.5% - well, he can afford it.


That was September 2017 - soon after, May 2018, they put up gas and electricity another 5.5% - profiteering or what?

British Gas price rise unjustified, says government  -


We are still with original suppliers - because privatisation was illegal fraud and you shouldn't have to chase around looking for cheapest deal.


That it was fraud is a *fact* - you were sold your own property and they did not explain about their new fiduciary duty to screw you for profit.


This legal fiduciary duty was not to us customers - giving us the cheapest gas, electricity, water - but to their new owners - ask any lawyer.


Fraud by false representation, Fraud by failing to disclose information and Fraud by abuse of position - look it up if you don't believe me.


It was also covered by the Theft Act 1978 at the time - these are criminals we are discussing here.


Police have a duty to return stolen/defrauded property without paying compensation to those who have handled this stolen property.


We should get our property back and be getting the cheapest energy as a right of your ownership of these industries.


It should be noted that many people are profiting from this fraud - including those in firms advising you to switch suppliers.

Many of the fraudsters should be put on trial and their properties seized to repay all money defrauded plus interest.

Disgorgement: Where a person is forced to give back any profit he has made or money he has received either illegally or unethically at the expense of another. Disgorgement prevents unjust enrichment (where one party profits financially in a way which is unfair to another). Disgorgement may follow a contractual demand or an order of the court. Interest is usually added to any monies which are disgorged.


While on the subject of energy supply - it is most important: *Smart meters will be able to measure the power factor of your home system*

For those who do not know - industrial users get charged more for having a poor power factor. What is the betting that you will be charged more for 'inefficient' usage of electricity - a 'green' tax - to be 'fair' with industrial users? You've been told it is for you to save money and you believe them.  ;)

Wiki: What is Power Factor
Power=Voltage*Current*Power factor
Some loads, e.g. electric heaters, have a power factor of 1.
This means the current drawn is proportional to the voltage at any instantaneous moment, ie maximum current flows at voltage peaks of the mains supply.
So a 1kW heater on 240v consumes 1000÷(240*1)=4.2Amps
But some loads, such as motors, behave a bit differently, having a power factor of less than 1. With a 0.8 PF motor, the current drawn lags behind the voltage by a tiny fraction of a second, so the peaks in current draw occur after the voltage peaks.
A 1kW motor with 0.8 pf on 240v draws 1000÷(240*0.8 )=5.2Amps


Also firms can turn off your supply remotely without even bothering to come out - also spy on what you are using by the energy signature of equipment.


The data can be sold like your internet usage is or can used by government should you come under scrutiny for whatever motive they deem fit.




I believe the old feminist agenda of equal pay for equal work was correct - not the recent mad equal promotion for less overtime and less effort of course.


Imagine how unjust: "Sorry Garry - we couldn't give you the managers job with too many male managers already. We had to give it to the best woman.

We know you must feel it was all wasted effort - after doing years of different shifts and untold hundreds of hours overtime to help production data capture systems.

We appreciated it, also all your own time you put into learning programming and I.T. to improved your work and it helped the company computerise the department."

OBVIOUSLY women should also be rewarded for extra effort, just few seen working late when I was working. One who did work late got promoted over me.




With that proviso about feminism above, the TERF's (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) are not radical but reasoned - so trans-exclusionary reasonable feminists.

What a self-retard you would have to be, to compete a physical man with a woman in a sport (to find the best or strongest women) were men do better.


FIRST of all - many who call themselves trans (BTW: also drag queens) will have Autogynephilia - these are men who do it for the 'turn-on' - sometimes with children.


Quote: Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female


Sick woke media (like the BBC) support sexualising young childrens storytelling e.g.

Professor Jordan Peterson wrote, "Doctors & Psychotherapists: Butchers & Liars - We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology".


Paywall -


If you are male and believe yourself female then it's clearly mental illness, sorry. Though many mean well (OR want woke praise), some will want to profit from your condition.


In that article Professor Peterson says, "I saw a video the other day featuring an American surgeon bragging that he had performed more than 3,000 double mastectomies on young women who had paid for gender reassignment, individuals confused – one might say encouraged – by those who profit from it into believing that their adolescent emotional trials can be ‘cured’, and happiness reign forever, if they subject themselves to this brutal practice."

I personally wouldn't let them feed my mental illness (say I am correct) but would want my mental health treated - like they do body dysmorphia.


Even though I will likely ask them to mutilate me - I will do so because of mental illness. They know this and yet still continue to mutilate patients. First - do no harm.

Transphobia is another lie - like Islamaphobia is not a hatred of Muslims (just Islamic religion) - it's simply knowing men cannot be women & vice versa.


Transgender people are mentally ill, so are deserving of sympathy, not lies by going along with their self-delusion - feeding their illness.


NHS will ADMIT it is to do with FEELINGS e.g. "But some people FEEL their gender identity is different from their biological sex".

However they DENY that it is mental illness - surely your FEELINGS about things are to do with mental process - not biological?


"Gender dysphoria is not a mental illness, but some people may develop mental health problems because of gender dysphoria."


Sure - FEELING you should have healthy arms or legs cut off is mental illness but FEELING a healthy penis can be cut off is not - you need help yourselves like this surgeon:

Quote: A surgeon who amputated the healthy limbs from two psychologically disturbed men at their request said yesterday that he saw nothing wrong with his actions and that he was disappointed he would not be able to carry out such operations again.

Robert Smith cut off the lower legs of two patients, one from England and one from Germany, during private operations at Falkirk and district royal infirmary. The men had been turned away by surgeons across Europe before Mr Smith agreed to operate.


Similar to psychologist who helped pour drain cleaner into eyes of a mentally ill woman who thought she should have been born blind - you are sick to support gender mutilation.

Quote: Amber 'Jewel' Schuping was so desperate to be blind that she used drain cleaner to take away her eye sight, and now has admitted to thinking about corrective surgery.

Flying to Chicago, a 23-year-old Jewel spent two weeks with the psychologist and in the third week he prepared her for the at-home procedure for which they agreed they would wait half an hour before going to the hospital.

Determined to be blind, she said: “I didn't even look in the mirror to say goodbye to myself. I didn't care. I wanted to be blind.”

“It was a screaming, violent pain,” she said of the drain cleaner application that ate through her eyelids and into her eyes. But she said: “All I could think was yes, this is going to work.”

Sorry you self-retards - MEN are not born with the brain of a woman just because they believe it - this is mental illness - I can also prove you do not believe it.


As a man - get your brain scanned with a dozen men who have previously had female transition - ask any medical expert to pick out the twelve 'women'.


Prior to this you have to agree that if you are picked to be injected with all those dangerous chemicals and have your penis removed - not so sure now are you?


What objective medical test is done to check that every one of these operations on vulnerable patients are demonstrably opposite sex - is it just not FEELINGS?


IF gender is different from sex then patients can be both (male sex & female gender) - but it is not which is why mentally ill men want a sex change to be women.


The self-retarded woke believe gender is simply what the patients (who are mentally unwell) believe their gender (or sex) to be i.e. gender = gender ID..


Doctors who perform FGM on young child know it is a crime - indeed we all know this - gender reconstruction should be also a crime.


Those who perform gender reconstruction (and prescribe dangerous drugs) on vulnerable mental patient do even worse mutilation than them.


Or do you not consider having your healthy cock chopped off and a fanny hole drilled into you, to be at all serious mutilation - even when seriously mentally ill?


The (vile) mother of a young boy, Jeanette Jennings, has said on video, "I have woken Jazz out of a dead sleep and taken the dilator and put the lubrication on it and said: ‘Here! You take this, and you put it in your vagina. If not, I will.’ I will be so mad if she goes away to college and that thing seals up. I'll wring her neck.".

Mainstream media hides vile woke practice, of course. Tim Pool: or


Try speaking the truth e.g. Dave Chapelle said, “Gender is a fact... Every human being on Earth had to pass through the legs of a woman to be on Earth. That is a fact”.


The world is getting sicker and sicker - it is becoming a 'clown world' as those on the right say. They can be correct - some of the time.


For complete self-retard woke mental cases: your so-called 'positive' TRANS TREATMENT = IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE


People who self-harm need protecting from themselves and also from those nutters who think they are good for wanting to help these mentally ill to harm themselves.


Gender affirmation is surrendering their medical diagnosis to the mentally ill patient - like supporting a mentally ill man that his legs should be amputated.


Actually - be honest folks - there is something just as wrong with the woke - but not something which randomly strikes you down like illness - it is purely self-induced.

Virtue signalling fools who think they are better than you - here as they want what mentally ill patients want, to butcher them to fit a false mental image - a lie.

Or is it not butchery then - having your cock chopped off with part folded to look a bit like a deformed vagina - and a fanny hole drilled into you?


This is completely ignoring that there is an epidemic of females (never seen) having their boobs and sexual parts removed, butchery of young vulnerable girls and women.


AGAIN: men dressed in drag reading to childrens groups in schools run by perverts (teachers who groom mentally ill transgender kids) - you may expose to autogynephilia.


LATEST bad news from Telegraph 13 April 2023 - about the UK Census: size of the transgender population, which it set at 262,000.


The question was “Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?” 

Surely a better question would have been, 'Do you think you are something you demonstrably are not?'

Thus establishing the worsening state of UK mental health.




I used to be obese but it would have been total stupidity for me to be positive about it - removing any objectivity to this sad situation (self-retardation).

Telling fat people to be 'body positive' is like trans affirmation. How can I explain to the wokers or people of low intelligence who think it only being nice.

You are not being kind to an alcoholic by giving them bottles of booze or saying to them, "Sure, it's okay to get smashed out of their head - no problem".

You do not help somebody with anorexia by saying, "Yes, you are correct - you need to lose more weight" You all see that is pure stupid - don't you?

If normal, you see the world has gone mad and the truth is banned. If asked, I do not lie to fat people and tell truth about this body positivity nonsence.


This is my email to Oxford English Dictionary criticising their definition of this word:

Islamophobic : having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. "Islamophobic attitudes"

Definitions from Oxford Languages (google)


I dislike Islam the religion, for obvious reasons, and believe you assist the self-retarded woke agenda by not pointing out this is a deliberately perverse definition of theirs. It falsely slurs critics of Islam as being racist towards Muslims.


Also your definition of woke as being "alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice; frequently in stay woke” is completely inadequate. However, I think you all know that but Michael Proffitt and the rest of OED management are afraid to give a more objective definition.


ChatGPT - Artificial Intelligence OBJECTIVE News supposedly free from opinion coming in the future ;)

David Rozado Twitter @DavidRozado
Academic researcher. Interested in institutional dynamics, algorithmic bias and ethical AI - wrote:

I carried out another test to determine the political leanings of ChatGPT dialogues using the more comprehensive Political Compass Test. Results hold. ChatGPT dialogues display substantial left-leaning and libertarian political bias.

So thoought I would have a look and repled:

My  findings, based on questions about Russia and Ukraine, is that it is made biased against Russia i.e. understands desires of Russia to possess Ukraine yet has inability to understand about defending yourself against known aggressors who attacked or moved against you in past.

Latest: Elon Musk who funded AI research has revealled, "They are training the AI to lie... saying untruthful things... train AI to be deceptive". They're evil.


I wrote following two decades ago - just after Tony Blair became PM and I realised mistake after thinking he would make UK society 'fairer', not just for rich.

Edited it incorporates short explanation of my methodology called QASILC to improve intelligence - something many say impossible (I failed 11 Plus).

ANALYSIS OF SPIN by Garry Anderson

Government LIE to you - THE TRUTH HAS NOT GOT SPIN

Why spin at all? The answer is very simple. So you concentrate on certain aspects that misrepresent the whole truth.

The purpose of which, is to divert your attention from something they do not wish you to focus on - usually it shows them bad. They misdirect you.

Why misdirect? Another easy one. To hide or lessen importance of a very serious part of message.

The purpose of which is to mislead you about its significance. No word-games - they deceive you.

As soon as they start using - SPIN TURNS TRUTH TO LIES.

SPIN is intentional violation of truth, a falsehood. When you give falsehood with deceitful intention, it is called a LIE.



QUESTION who and why said, also was subject right (motivation).
ANALYSE how, who, what, where, when and why (deconstruction).
SCRUTINIZE the analysis of individual components.
INTERPRET the scrutinized analysis.

You will then come to proper LOGICAL CONCLUSION.

So, there we have it. SPIN is a LIE in all but name. Actually, it is worse than a lie - it gives the lie credibility.

If you have an ounce of intelligence - you will realize this is the WHOLE TRUTH.


Below is the old site (MIXED with new stuff) - whole site is under reconstruction - sorry for the mess - it was more of a scrapbook of thoughts:


Garry Anderson ~ critical thinker

If your judgement or opinion does not fit ALL the facts then it is not the facts that are wrong.

Info for intellectually insignificant politicians (those that think they fool us).

Every problem can be solved until it is proven that it cannot be.

My personal philosophy.


So, what is a critical thinker? It means, amongst other things, having good logic ability. How is any of my thoughts here wrong? Just two examples:


1. It was report in media at the end of 1999 that ICANN stated,  "every word in a typical English-language dictionary is already registered" in the .com TLD after many millions of domains had gone. I knew from that statement what to look for and registered as my new personal domain right away (and It wasn't simply because so few can spell it correct.


 2. I also discovered this year the solution to consumer confusion for registered trademarks on the internet i.e. e.g. The 'experts' at UN WIPO said they were stumped for an answer - even though it was self-evident. See my site (reg'd Jan 2000) and my complaint - not connected with UN!



What possible explanation could there be for our government and the ONS saying inequality has improved back down to 1986 levels? Is this not a lie? Since then the rich have been compounding large pay rises up to 30% year on year and our poorest now have to use food banks.

Why were the ONS evasive and not confirm or deny my findings? Could it possibly be that the measure they use (Gini coefficient) is a confidence trick to hide an ever widening gap - could it?
Look at my video above and see how it was done. Anybody with GCSE maths can understand.

This worldwide con job under-reports inequality between the privileged rich families and millions of poor families in every country. The media stay silent.

Anyhow, calm down Garry, it's not good for you. Forgive me, I come from a poor background, born in Liverpool 1954, and know just how these families suffer. This was the year rationing ended - though my parents still had trouble paying for food. However, my mother wanted more children (mainly a girl) so I was joined in a few years by a sister (had curvature of spine) and then a brother. We should have a much fairer (more equal) society by now, with no poverty in our rich country. In case you've not guessed - I am a socialist.

These are a few of my thoughts on things that seem very obvious to me. More of a jotter than a website. However, these are Important things, like the biggest pyramid scam ever - governments saying we need a lot of immigration to pay for old age pensioners. Are they really that stupid? How has it kept retirement age down, you imbeciles? Also we all know that problems get worse with mass immigration, not better e.g. housing and job shortages. I can guess most of your replies, please see below.

Another; the financial authorities. Surely you know about the big cover-up. Each time there is a 'mis-selling' scandal you seriously have never asked yourself, "Why is mis-selling not fraud?". We are not all idiots, we know the difference between when something is sold by mistake and when there is evidence that something is sold by deception and hiding facts. Individuals that commit fraud are criminals - as are individuals in authority that cover up crime. With a cover-up the latest financial crisis was inevitable, as is the next. There will be more financial disasters as authorities continue to protect guilty people - they aid and abet crime. We were easily able to win an official complaint against the FSA/FCA for their evasion and malfeasance.

People in the authorities, including the FCA & SFO, are crooks. They help criminals evade capture. Rather than jail those that defraud customer they allow them to escape, giving the firm fines which are then passed on to their customers. Customers get robbed twice with authorities help.

Two of the greatest threats to society - what future for our country if we cannot control over-population or financial meltdown?

BTW: I was against these illegal wars - Afghanistan was using a (deliberately) failed illegal extradition as pretext for war - Iraq was falsified intelligence - see what I say about those. We should be sending farming/ irrigation equipment and saving people - not dropping bombs and killing people.


Papworth 1997
Image description


We have evidence Barclays defrauded us - and the authorities have been protecting them. This was not just us however and there is the wider picture to consider. Including you and your family.

<- This is me in 1997 just before I was forced to retire, before I began our fight against Barclays, the financial authorities and the Serious Fraud Office. The tubes are a lot worse under the covers. The first operation was for hietus hernia - but it had gone wrong and this was the consequences.

I was trying to smile for our 11 year old daughter, Faye, taking the picture. I was thinking this will be the last time she saw me. I later put the annotated picture on my website, to warn others about the under-reporting of elective surgery going wrong. The 'HELP PLEASE' is added now.

First things first, this is the internet after all; how do you know this is not a spurious accusation by somebody of dubious intelligence? We are making serious claims e.g. that the authorities cover up mass fraud by Barclays and others. So here is proof of cover up; an official complaint we won against FSA for corrupt behaviour in protecting Barclays. More details here.

Every time I wrote to Barclays or authorities I ended up in a ball of unbearable pain on the floor, which is why there are gaps when contacting them. I needed a big break - I knew the horrific agony of going back for more. You do not return willingly to a beating. It was like my chest and side were being ripped out. We thought it was the damaged nerve bundle from the op. The two <- pictures at bottom were sent to the pain clinic after injections for the damaged nerve bundle. On the left picture you can see three scars where the hosepipes went in for body cavity juices.

Things actually got much worse later on fighting them and was lucky to survive again. There was a growing aneurysm which eventually had to burst due to the repeated stress of 'battle'. It also split my artery (chest to stomach) causing another large aneurysm which is now getting bigger every year, with more serious complications. You could likely expect to fight any bad people that defraud you, but not reputable banks and never the financial authorities - our 'protectors'.

How can you help? This is not about helping me, I had to give up, my health is too bad. The FOS falsified our complaint in 2013 by removing  essential key points, exactly like Barclays. The FOS would not rule despite admitting that it was within their time limit. As Barclays told them to do. The FOS chief executive with whom I communicated, Natalie Ceeney, left to work for HSBC.

This is about helping my children and yours. Faye has her own lovely daughter now. The reason the UK is in great trouble now is because of the authorities corruption e.g. ask them what the difference is between fraud and 'mis-selling'. This is why it will happen again and again. Please help by warning your friends and family about the corrupt authorities. For the sake of all your grandchildren too. If the authorities admit they 'lack integrity' then what is the point of them?


IRAQ Legacy


I would say there is a complete lack of intelligence on this subject (no pun), but I know many lie. Some idiots think that all these problems are nothing to do with us or America. It was admitted by President Obama to Vice News March 2015: "ISIL is direct outgrowth of Al-Qaida in Iraq which grew out of our invasion which is an example of unintended consequences which is why we should generally aim before we shoot" - he should have said illegal invasion.

The vile London bombers and Lee Rigby killers tell us that our murder of all those hundreds of thousands innocent civilians caused this radicalisation - it is cowardice not to admit this fact.

How likely is it that they would have been radicalised had we not killed all those innocent Muslims in illegal war - with nothing here before then.

This is not excusing terrorism - or justifying it - merely explaining why they attack. I put that in because some like to misrepresent what I write - many know I am against terrorism - Muslim or Western. Causality - read up on it. The security services warned Tony Blair an "invasion would lead to more terrorism" - did the security services justify the London bombers actions?

Tony Blair is directly responsible for the worst atrocity committed by our government since the end of World War 2. This is truly a most heinous crime.

Imagine just for a moment that we in the UK were invaded using falsified intelligence. Not wrong intelligence - that is the obvious big lie (why the flip do intelligent people comply) - simply altered and exaggerated with caveats removed e.g. "MAY BE ABLE to deploy chemical or biological weapons" to "ARE ABLE to deploy chemical or biological weapons". It 'may be possible' is not the same as 'they can' - nor is 'intelligence suggestion' same as fact.

Let us say the invading country are responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 British people (up to 1 million). As many innocent men, women, children and babies that were killed in Iraq. Many more were maimed. You surely would want justice for all those killed and maimed then, wouldn't you?

If your friends or sons and daughters (or any of your family) had been slaughtered using lies to do so - sure, you know you would.

The Intelligence report was a work of fiction, when it was supposed to be a true story. This work was a collaboration by known authors. The ICC at The Hague is biased and clearly a tool of Western imperialism. They are very selective about who is prosecuted - primarily those in African countries.

The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has told the BBC the US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN charter.


The Chilcot Inquiry will be another Public Relations exercise - damage limitation. It will be more critical to say they did a good job - to pretend it was not another whitewash. But it will be - nobody will be prosecuted for illegal war.

Quote: He (Blair) told Chilcot: "In a sense what I was saying to America was: 'Look' – and by the way I am absolutely sure this is how George Bush took it – 'whatever the political heat, if I think this is the right thing to do I am going to be with you. I am not going to back out because the going gets tough. On the other hand, here are the difficulties and this is why I think the UN route is the right way to go".

Obviously Blair knew Bush would not go down the peaceful UN route - he also certainly knew though Bush would though try to persuade the UN to use his violent route for regime change. Blair knew Bush wanted regime change - which is an illegal excuse for invasion.


Goldsmiths Legal Advice

I originally wrote this analysis many years ago, to lay down the gauntlet for fools that said invasion of Iraq was legal and our PM is not a war criminal.

Some folks truthfully believe that there were loopholes for us to invade - not saying much for morality of government using loopholes to kill people.

I use Goldsmiths own written legal advice to explain, as no country can legally invade another without legal justification to do so.

Even a legal novice should be able to see through Goldsmiths lies and deceptions - in which he aided and abetted Blair (along with Scarlett and others).

We all know that UN resolutions were the only supposed LEGAL excuse they could find to try to justify the removal of Saddam i.e. could not use regime change etc.

One quote: "The Attorney General had concluded that authority for the use of force in Iraq was contained within existing UN resolutions and that another was not needed, Mr Straw said in reply to an emergency question from the Opposition.",,2-1539816,00.html - sorry link now dead.

Indeed, it did not seem to matter how many Iraqis they killed in doing so - Blair would not give any upper limit when he would admit it was the wrong thing to do.

Keep in mind when reading this, that the UK signed up to UN1441 and are actually legally bound to this agreement.

First and most importantly of all - fact beats even 'expert opinion' - all lawyers know this.

Goldsmith (the Attorney General and Blair’s pal) certainly knows this - yet you will see he uses his opinion to falsify his excuses to overrule facts.

Please note the difference between his use of opinions and the actual FACT.

So – my comments start with G> - everything following numbers 26-31 is from Goldsmiths written legal advice – and anything beginning with 'quote' is from relevant UN Resolution:

26. To sum up, the language of resolution 1441 leaves the position unclear and the statements made on adoption of the resolution suggest that there were differences of view within the Council as to the legal effect of the resolution. Arguments can be made on both sides. A key question is whether there is in truth a need for an assessment of whether Iraq's conduct constitutes a failure to take the final opportunity or has constituted a failure fully to cooperate within the meaning of OP4 such that the basis of the cease-fire is destroyed. If an assessment is needed of that situation, it would be for the Council to make it. A narrow textual reading of the resolution suggests that sort of assessment is not needed, because the Council has predetermined the issue. Public statements, on the other hand, say otherwise.

G> He has failed to explain (either in the detail or summation) what exactly is unclear in UN1441 that would give countries permission for unilateral action - even in an unclear way - that is a FACT.

G> The key question he makes is a sham ("whether there is in truth a need for an assessment") - because it is a FACT - whether it is needed or not - UN1441 actually calls for an assessment.

G> He is clearly conning the reader - it is pure deception.

27. In these circumstances, I remain of the opinion that the safest legal course would be to secure the adoption of a further resolution to authorise the use of force. I have already advised that I do not believe that such a resolution need be explicit in its terms. The key point is that it should establish that the Council has concluded that Iraq has failed to take the final opportunity offered by resolution 1441, as in the draft which has already been tabled.

G> Not only the safest - but the only legal course using UN resolutions - because it is a FACT that is what UN1441 requires a further resolution - as per item 12.

G> Quote: "12. Decides to convene immediately upon receipt of a report in accordance with paragraphs 4 or 11 above, in order to consider the situation and the need for full compliance with all of the relevant Council resolutions in order to secure international peace and security;"

G> Again he is clearly conning the reader - it is pure deception.

28. Nevertheless, having regard to the information on the negotiating history which I have been given and to the arguments of the US Administration which I heard in Washington, I accept that a reasonable case can be made that resolution 1441 is capable in principle of reviving the authorisation in 678 without a further resolution.

G> False - an outright lie.

G> FACT: UN1441 specifically recalls all prior resolutions - including UN678 - which now requires the UN "convene ... in order to consider the situation and the need for full compliance".

G> This gives UN1441 primacy over UN678 - like your latest 'Last Will and Testament' - UN1441 now requires UN to decide.

G> Even if it did not - UN678 applied "all necessary means" only to the demand that Iraq withdraw from Kuwait anyway - "to restore international peace and security in the area Kuwait". As Iraq army are no longer in Kuwait, their argument is rubbish - it is not even a moot point.

G> Quote: "Recalling all its previous relevant resolutions, in particular its resolutions 661 (1990) of 6 August 1990, 678 (1990) of 29 November 1990, 686 (1991) of 2 March 1991, 687 (1991) of 3 April 1991, 688 (1991) of 5 April 1991, 707 (1991) of 15 August 1991, 715 (1991) of 11 October 1991, 986 (1995) of 14 April 1995, and 1284 (1999) of 17 December 1999, and all the relevant statements of its President,"

G> Yet again he is clearly conning the reader - it is pure deception.

29. However, the argument that resolution 1441 alone has revived the authorisation to use force in resolution 678 will only be sustainable if there are strong factual grounds for concluding that Iraq has failed to take the final opportunity. In other words, we would need to be able to demonstrate hard evidence of non-compliance and non-cooperation. Given the structure of the resolution as a whole, the views of UNMOVIC and the IAEA will be highly significant in this respect. In the light of the latest reporting by UNMOVIC, you will need to consider very carefully whether the evidence of non-cooperation and non-compliance by Iraq is sufficiently compelling to justify the conclusion that Iraq has failed to take its final opportunity.

G> False - an outright lie.

G> Nothing in UN1441 gives authorisation to use force under any circumstances - it recalls UN678 and now requires UN decision on next step.

G> FACT: UN1441 specifically requires the UN to make that judgement on what to do next - here it is again as stated in item 12.

G> Quote: "12. Decides to convene immediately upon receipt of a report in accordance with paragraphs 4 or 11 above, in order to consider the situation and the need for full compliance with all of the relevant Council resolutions in order to secure international peace and security;"

G> Yet once more he is clearly conning the reader - it is pure deception - starting to see a pattern?

30. In reaching my conclusion, I have taken account of the fact that on a number of previous occasions, including in relation to Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 and Kosovo in 1999, UK forces have participated in military action on the basis of advice from my predecessors that the legality of the action under international law was no more than reasonably arguable. But a "reasonable case" does not mean that if the matter ever came before a court I would be confident that the court would agree with the view. I judge that, having regard to the arguments on both sides, and considering the resolution as a whole in the light of the statements made on adoption and subsequently, a court might well conclude that OPs 4 and 12 do requ1re a further Council decision in order to revive the authorisation in resolution 678. But equally I consider that the counter view can be reasonably maintained. However, it must be recognised that on previous occasions when military action was taken on the basis of a reasonably arguable case, the degree of public and Parliamentary scrutiny of the legal issue was nothing as great as it is today.

G> Opinion is not the same as fact - and especially not a "reasonably arguable" opinion.

G> FACT: Even if a previous war was illegal - illegality cannot be used as the basis of starting new wars.

G> You cannot use an argument that you got away with murder last time - so you can murder with impunity again.

G> Yet again he tries to revive the authorisation in resolution 678 for "all necessary means" - but we know for a FACT that UN1441 stops that and only applies to getting Iraq army out of Kuwait anyway.

G> Goldsmith admits, "a "reasonable case" does not mean that if the matter ever came before a court [he] would be confident that the court would agree with the view" - because his argument is rubbish.

31. The analysis set out above applies whether a second resolution fails to be adopted because of a lack of votes or because it is vetoed. As I have said before, I do not believe that there is any basis in law for arguing that there is an implied condition of reasonableness which can be read into the power of veto conferred on the permanent members of the Security Council by the UN Charter. So there are no grounds for arguing that an "unreasonable veto" would entitle us to proceed on the basis of a presumed Security Council authorisation. In any event, if the majority of world opinion remains opposed to military action, it is likely to be difficult on the facts to categorise a French veto as "unreasonable". The legal analysis may, however, be affected by the course of events over the next week or so, eg the discussions on the draft second resolution. If we fail to achieve the adoption of a second resolution we would need to consider urgently at that stage the strength of our legal case in the light of circumstances at the time."

G> Vetos are valid even if "unreasonable" e.g. the many examples were the American veto could be considered "unreasonable".

G> He even admits that "there are no grounds for arguing that an 'unreasonable veto' would entitle" them to invade.

G> He says that if a second resolution fails - they need to "[RE]consider urgently at that stage the strength of our legal case in the light of circumstances at the time" - where is that review?

G> It can be seen by this analysis that Goldsmith does not have a legal case for invasion and I welcome people to show where the scrutiny is wrong.

Goldsmiths Advice:

Here is Anthony Lester QC's analysis of it:

Some have said, 'Blair really believed that Iraq had WMD. It was just the poor quality of the evidence. Actually, x number of Inquiries found him innocent'.


Firstly - I think it possible he convinced himself that Iraq had some WMD (likely field munitions) - but that is of little importance. The overriding fact is that they altered intelligence to deceive Parliament and public about the quality of evidence for invasion - even if he really believed Iraq had WMD.


If no Inquiry found that Blair and chums had altered the evidence to get their way then they were not thorough, actually they are guilty of hiding this fact.


Even if our Prime Minister really believed the 7/7 London bombings (or another) were committed by Iran - he cannot remove the 'qualitative nature' of intelligence to invade Iran and kill millions - can he?



Government Surveillance


2023 edit: government wouldn't introduce a bill to open your letters or packages - so why can they introduce an Online Safety Bill to invade your privacy?

Or Stasi 2.0 as some call it. This is all a scam, these are not good people, they lie and deceive you - don't be fooled folks.

If you stole government secrets you can be locked in prison for decades - but they think it is okay to steal yours - even intimate ones.

Here is proof - as if it were needed - that all the surveillance in the world will not stop determined foes.

I have long been concerned about this problem and wrote this in March 2004 (on slashdot) - and before this even:

Why do government have no respect for your right to privacy?

This is a post that I have used many times before :-)

Liberty has to be one of the most important things in life. Well up there, behind health and safety of your family, must be the right to go about your daily life without being forced to live it under oppressive surveillance. For it surely is oppression - being spied upon by the authorities in all that you do. Knowing this information could be used against you, for any purpose they see fit. The so-called all-seeing eye of God over you - meant to instil respect of them and fear of authority.

It can be proven they use propaganda to deceive you into believing them. How?

Ask Security Services in the US, UK, Indonesia (Bali) or anywhere for that matter, to deny this:

Internet surveillance, using Echelon, Carnivore or back doors in encryption, will not stop terrorists communicating by other means - most especially face to face or personal courier.

Terrorists will have to do that, or they will be caught!

Perhaps using mobile when absolutely essential, saying - "Meet you in the pub Monday" (meaning, human bomb to target A), or Tuesday (target B) or Sunday (abort).

The Internet has become a tool for government to snoop on their people - 24/7.

The terrorism argument is a dummy - total bull*.


This propaganda is for several reasons, including: a) making you feel safer b) to say the government are doing something and c) the more malicious motive of privacy invasion.

Government say about surveillance - "you've nothing to fear - if you are not breaking the law"

This argument is made to pressure people into acquiescence - else appear guilty of hiding something illegal.

It does not address the real reason why they want this information (which they will deny) - they want a surveillance society.

They wish to invade your basic human right to privacy. This is like having somebody watching everything you do - all your personal thoughts, hopes and fears will be open to them.

This is everything - including phone calls and interactive TV. Quote from ZDNET: "Whether you're just accessing a Web site, placing a phone call, watching TV or developing a Web service, sometime in the not to distant future, virtually all such transactions will converge around Internet protocols."

"Why should I worry? I do not care if they know what I do in my own home", you may foolishly say. Or, just as dumbly, "They will not be interested in anything I do".

This information will be held about you until the authorities need it for anything at all. Like, for example, here in UK when government looked for dirt on individuals of Paddington crash survivors group. It was led by badly injured Pam Warren. She had over 20 operations after the 1999 rail crash (which killed 31 and injured many).

This group had fought for better and safer railways - all by legal means. By all accounts a group of fine outstanding people - with good intent.

So what was their crime, to deserve this investigation?

It was just for showing up members of government to be the incompetents they are.

As usual, government tried to put a different spin on the story when they were found out. Even so, their intent was obvious - they wanted to use this information as propaganda - to smear the character of these good people.

Our honourable government would rather defile the character of its citizens - rather than address their reasonable concerns.

The government arrogantly presume this group of citizens would not worry about having their privacy invaded.

They can also check your outgoings match your income and that you are paying enough tax. What do you think all this privacy invasion is for? The War on Terrorism? You poor dupe. All your finances for them to scrutinize; heaven help you if you cannot account for every cent.

The authorities try make everything they say sound perfectly reasonable.

e.g. Officials from US Defence Department agency have said they want, quote: "the same level of accountability in cyberspace that we now have in the physical world".

Do they keep record of all the people that you send letters and faxes to (and receive from)? Worse still - record the text? Do they record your phone conversations? Do they keep a record of peoples houses, shops and establishments you visit - or the magazines and books you pick up to browse? Do they keep record of books you take out of library? Do they keep record of purchases you make from the shops?

Indeed - do government currently keep records of everything that you say, touch and do in the physical world to analyse?

No they do not. So then - is that the same level of accountability?

They wish to keep an electronic tag on you, like some kind of animal. Actually it is even worse than this - like some pervert sex offender - a child molester that they have to keep track of.

Would ANY person of intelligence call that accountability?

Do not believe the lies of Government - even more of your money spent on these measures will not protect us from terrorists. Every argument they use is subterfuge - pure spin.

In UK, the RIP Act is unjust - dim-witted ill-informed MPs believed governments 'experts'. Remember - they will get everything about you, your phone calls, emails, TV viewing - everything. It would be like having a spy living in your house.

Americans - the Total Information Awareness plan, USA Patriot act and Homeland Defence - you are generally more technologically aware, are you really that easily misled?

Quote from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency: "The goal of the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program is to revolutionize the ability of the United States to detect, classify and identify foreign terrorists -- and decipher their plans -- and thereby enable the U.S. to take timely action to successfully preempt and defeat terrorist acts."

The declared GOAL is to, quote: "identify foreign terrorists" - what rubbish. They know you are American citizen, not even a suspect foreigner - yet want to know what you buy, where you travel - everything. They want to profile you, like a criminal. I find it hard to believe that U.S. politicians are that dumb to go along with this violation of the American Peoples Rights. Looks like TIA initials stand for Totally Ignorant Acceptance (for their propaganda).

It should be noted that the UK government will be violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - which we have adopted.

Article 12 states: "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."

You may be interested in the psychology of this type of surveillance. Here is a piece, wrote by another who did a better job of explaining than I could:

Foucault focused on Bentham's prison model, or the Penopticon as Bentham called it - which literally means, that which sees all. The Penopticon prison, which was popular in the early nineteenth century, was designed to allow guards to see their prisons, but not allow prisoners to see guards. The building was circular, with prisoner's cells lining the outer diameter, and in the center of the circle was a large, central observational tower. At any given time, guards could be looking down into each prisoner's cells - and thereby monitor potentially unmoral behavior - but carefully-placed blinds prevented prisoners from seeing the guards, thereby leaving them to wonder if they were being monitored at any given moment. It was Bentham's belief that the "gaze" of the Panopticon would force prisoners to behave morally. Like the all-seeing eye of God, they would feel shame at their wicked ways. In effect, the coercive nature of the Panopticon was built into its very structure.

The government will be watching all you do.

You will be good people now - won't you?

Or else!

I know what is possible. I also know from my own experience with a government department that they will abuse personal information. In my last job (at one of the largest food manufacturing plants in Europe) my responsibilities included stand-alone and networked data capture systems (not solely) - and the automation of turning large amounts of data into information. These were reports on analysis of the data for all levels of management - to any amount of detail. I cannot stress enough - all your personal thoughts, hopes and fears will be open to them.


Additional: Some ignorant people, have wrote things like, "just don't put your personal fears and hopes and deeply personal revelations online for the whole world to see". They thought I was just writing about social media. Obviously you know I was also writing about your searches for information on things about your personal life - or health problems - not just your fantasies (sexual or otherwise).


I really have trouble believing these scares - entirely the fault of authorities using lies and propaganda. For example - we officially had 4,000 dangerous blood-thirsty terrorists in the UK. 2,000 that we knew about and another 2,000 that we do not know about - according to former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens in May 2007. 2,000 more that *we don't know about* - why not make the number much scarier - say it is the tip of iceburg?

Yes - unbelievable is it not - they all must be the most lazy or incompetent terrorists on the whole planet - not to attack us on a weekly basis. Still - they have to do something to make us agree to mass surveillance and have our privacy taken away. Like I wrote above - the terrorists would have to be complete imbeciles now since NSA whistleblower Snowden to use the internet or phone and not use couriers or face to face communication instead.

You are much more likely to be struck by lightning than injured with a terrorist bomb - how much time off your life do you waste worrying about that?

Where are the court cases of those they say are stopped? So sleep easy - don't worry about being hit by lightning - I mean being bombed by terrorists.

Revenge Terror Attacks

e.g. quote: British travellers warned they could be target of revenge terror attacks

Causality - we all know about it. This could be about any attack past, present or future.

What idiot thinks that our mass murder and maiming of hundreds of thousands innocent men, women, children and babies will not cause revenge attacks from mad nutters (like Blair) e.g. London bombing?

The beheading of a hostage is a vile act - but what moron would think it less worse than our sending a missile which kills a dozen kids.

Or if it blows parts of their bodies off and leaves them in agonising pain.

Just because you are physically separate from it does not make their murder a tiny bit better. Though many bad people like to pretend.

BTW: It is not the anti-war peoples responsibility to make other suggestions to get us out the mess the war-mongers got us into.


Cameron backs Pickles’ letter to Muslim leaders

Although Cameron would have wrote the letter thus:

Dear Muslims

It is your fault we have terrorists - not ours for killing and maiming a million innocent men, women, children and babies with an illegal war.

My fellow leaders and I marched for the twelve people killed in France last week.

We wouldn't do it for all those we killed in Iraq because they don't matter.


Mr Cameron


God and Life

I am agnostic - but have posited the possibility of 'God' - the creator of universe and life - being more an intelligent 'living' force than a living being - which most people take 'Him' as (even atheists in their denial).

Intelligent as in following certain rules to create life (like you following a plan) and not thinking as such e.g. doing things on a whim. All the parameters to make the universe and life had to be exact e.g. the universe could not have been created had the force of big bang been more - it would have come apart too fast to make galaxies and solar systems - or collapsed if too weak. Same thing with gravity. There are supposedly 200 known factors that had to be 'just right'. This can be seen on the minute scale also.

Quote: Microbes discovered by deepest marine drill analysed

The team found that microbes, despite having no light, no oxygen, barely any water and very limited nutrients, thrived in the cores. Elizabeth Trembath-Reichert, from the California Institute of Technology, who is part of the team that carried out the research, said: "We keep looking for life, and we keep finding it, and it keeps surprising us as to what it appears to be capable of."

Methane on the Red Planet is intriguing because here on Earth, 95% of the gas comes from microbial organisms.

BTW: atheists are being closed-minded. No, I'm not agnostic on human fantasies like fairies and Flying Spaghetti Monster, just question the possibilities of the origins of life, universe and everything.Why could 'dark matter' not have already existed before the 'big bang' and the universe spread into it?


Capitalism and Socialism

It is successful capitalism until it fails - then it needs socialism to bail it out - proven with the crash.

Capitalism is a corrupt system evolved out of greed and power - not one that I would choose.

Many don't understand that trade isn't capitalism (or deliberately conflate both). Capitalism is the control of trade by corporate structures for rich greed.

BTW: For those that say Nazi's were socialists - Hitler fell out with Otto Strasser and his brother Gregor because they were socialists (read about it).


Job Creator Myth

The REALITY: does a factory get created with jobs as a main reason - or is hundreds of jobs gone if it can be done cheaper by machine?

Jobs are used only if necessity - 'job creators' do not want an expense that has wages, holidays, sickness, pensions, NI, can strike or have babies...

As for the 'Wealth Creator' myth - guess who they create wealth for - themselves - government applaud greed (for obvious reasons).

I am not saying we should be Luddites or that there is no economic gain to having new factories - just not lie about the greed - why they start business.

The customers are the ones that pay for these jobs, machinery and profits - it is a symbiotic relationship - they are more the 'job creators'.


New Labour & Socialism

Quote: He (Cameron) also accused Labour of betraying its traditional values and no longer representing working people.

Flip - he really hit home with New Labour there - I'll give him a point for that. New Labour are Tory Lite - another crime by Blair.

I am a socialist - and we were right about having national services in the hands of the people - not greedy fat-cats whose fiduciary duty is to make as much profit as possible from us.

The rest of you are idiots to want privatisation and the sale of public housing that should be used for people who cannot afford to buy a home.

Sorry, socialism isn't about selling houses - it is about helping people live in homes - especially if they cannot afford to buy one.

The public should not subsidise you making profits in private housing should they?

NB. If "Labour... no longer representing working people" and (by that statement) the Tories know they do not either, then who are representing us?

Many have a rose-tinted version of history with Tony Blair - this is even despite the fact he destroyed Labour. So much so that Thatcher called New Labour her "greatest achievement" – and still these foolish New Labour MP's do not get it!

A lot is made of Blair bringing in the minimum wage - as it was "a central plank of Tony Blair's 1997 election manifesto".

He introduced it as he knew his mass immigration plan would drive down wages - he was a clever and devious politician who knew what he was doing.

Our firm paid much higher than minimum at first - then wages migrated down and many of the 2,000 (99.9%) Brits there are replaced by immigrants.

Even Tories understand minimum wage is a good neoliberal idea so now fully support for propaganda purposes, calling themselves the 'Workers Party'.

New Labour follow stupid capitalist neoliberal Tory policies like selling council housing - they cannot even see the simple fact that council housing should not be sold as it drives up housing benefits, rents and governments to make more cuts in benefit to those in need.

The idea came realised by Thatcher's government - they not only hoped to buy votes - but also yoke the workers like bosses used to with a tied cottage and also remove cheap rented social housing for rich landlords to exploit..

Also - you can sell it to pay for the old peoples home - instead of the government tax paying for it like they do for the rest of people in rental housing.

I will state yet again - privatisation was a fraud - selling to the public what they already owned. Do you want them to sell more property that you own - your car or home perhaps?

Police have a duty to return stolen property without compensation - so you can "magically undo a mistake on that scale" (somebody said you couldn't).

The Tories were right about the fact that New Labour helped ruin the country – but they fail to say it is because they followed these Tory policies and allowed the financial industry free reign to defraud us.


Death Penalty

I am against the death penalty even for mass murdering war crims like Blair and Bush - who killed more innocent people than the vile 911 terrorist. It is most perverse and sick to say 'murder is wrong and only terrible people murder' and then use murder yourself.


The following subjects are work in progress:

All subjects to be expanded. Please forgive mix of fonts - see my for a better example of poor website design (it was the old site).



Are the Financial Authorities Corrupt?


Firstly - how do you know this is not a spurious claim by somebody of dubious intelligence?

Here is proof that our accusation of cover-up by financial regulators is valid. I won this official complaint against the ill-fated FSA for corrupt behaviour in defending Barclays against our claim they defrauded lots of their customers, including ourselves. Possibly a criminal act by FSA and definitely evasion of responsibilities as it actively aids and abets culpable/ criminal activity. Please do not be taken in - rebranding and changing their name to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not mean the dogma or the people are different. They perhaps believe that if there is no criminal prosecutions then that will help 'market confidence'. This is the main reason why the banks crashed and the finance industry are allowed to get away with with mass 'mis-selling' (fraud) to the public and why the financial industry can never be trusted. The financial authorities aid and abet corrupt firms with cover-up. There has to be prosecutions and jail so they know there is real personal danger in acting wrongfully, fines are ultimately paid by others.

This is ongoing (2013) with Barclays and the FOS both altering our customer complaint. The behaviour of the SFO was just as corrupt.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

If the financial regulators 'lack integrity' then what is the point of them exactly - and who else do you know that has proved this?

Barclays Fraud

Head over to to see what Barclays, the Financial Services Authority (rebranded to the FCA), Serious Fraud Office and Financial Ombudsman Service have been up to. It is why we have big 'mis-selling' scams and the banking crash - with their pretence of financial regulation.


You can make your own mind up from the documented evidence there. This involves recent activity by Barclays and the FOS (2013) - also it goes right to the top - not just the staff. It was admitted that Endowment Mortgages are "unfit for purpose" by Walter Merricks in 2001 (when head of the FOS). The financial authorities only warned us of this when loss was imminent - yet they must have known years before this. But they kept quiet - guess why.

They will certainly all deny that they acted criminally. What they cannot deny with the evidence is the fact they were evasive and tried to 'win' with attrition by refusing to address the arguments that were put to them. Fact is different from mere opinion, especially when shown in their own communications.

Whilst authorities aid and abet by protecting the corrupt we will have more financial disasters. Remember what happened the last time we had a government- sponsored pensions revolution in the 1980's? What about the latest government- sponsored pensions revolution. The 'Workplace Pensions' - the "We're all in". All in what - is it the latest pension 'mis-selling' scandal? Given the financial industries record, do you have any idea?

Whilst on pensions. Regarding George Osborne 2014 pensions overhaul allowing people to cash in their pension funds. One quote, "Chancellor insists pensioners should be trusted with their finances". Insincere twonk - do you honestly believe he thinks that. This stupid policy should be reversed.

It is Tory madness. This is as bad as when they sold council houses - a public asset to be used to home those on low pay. Now we have private landlords making a fortune and housing benefit we cannot afford. This will end in a financial bloodbath - worse than any mis-selling (fraud) scam in the past.

Supporters are:
1. Deliberate naive about millions of peoples ability to be able to properly invest in adequate provision for their future.
2. Deliberate naive about the finance industry honesty - to not 'mis-sell' financial products/ services to pensioners (defraud).
3. Deliberate naive about personal financial advisors selling investments which reward the client best and not the advisor.

Supporters want to make a better deal for themselves so are willing to allow millions of old people to be defrauded. Unfortunately that is considered a perfectly acceptable Tory (selfish) viewpoint. How it is reasonable that people can be sacrificed for financial gain of others I am at a loss to understand.


Even so-called 'intelligent' people will be persuaded that they can do better, as with 'mis-selling' of endowment mortgages. I was one of them.

If the problem is annuities then tackle that. Government should not abdicate their responsibility, chuck the pension pots at people and say 'There, now bog off and get on with it'. Government actually 'robbed' and ruined our pensions in 1997 - up until then they were doing very well. They have a duty to put things right and return the hundreds of billions 'stolen'. Chancellor Gordon Brown knew the possible consequences. He was not ignorant of the risks.


BTW: Do you know the difference between mis-selling and fraud? Neither it seems do Barclays, FSA, SFO or FOS - they were all asked many times. Ask yourself; "Why it is not Fraud by false representation or Fraud by failing to disclose information or Fraud by abuse of position? Why do the financial authorities give corrupt firms large fines - which are then passed onto you the customer or shareholder - instead of putting the guilty people in jail?". Would jail not be even better than personal fines (money come from you), which over the coming years they will more than get back? See the Fraud Act 2006.


Why do these people in authority not know jailing the guilty individuals is a bigger deterrent to 'mis-selling' (defrauding) the public?

In fact the Crown Prosecution Service say this:

8. Prosecution of a company should not be seen as a substitute for the prosecution of criminally culpable individuals such as directors, officers, employees, or shareholders. Prosecuting such individuals provides a strong deterrent against future corporate wrongdoing. Equally, when considering prosecuting individuals, it is important to consider the possible liability of the company where the criminal conduct is for corporate gain.

On that specific point - can somebody please remind me - I have looked everywhere and cannot find the answer. With the banking collapse, why has nobody been prosecuted? They knew they were gambling with customers money. It was the same criminal reckless behaviour that 'rogue traders' have been jailed for: Kweku Adoboli - Nick Leeson - Matthew Taylor - or are the bankers being protected?


Bankers should be licenced with wages and bonuses capped - else no licence. It is a lie that they could not find anybody good to do the job for £250,000 (proposed maximum for fair wage legislation). Even paying millions is no guarantee they will be any good - as the recent disaster proved beyond doubt. It is a lie they need to pay millions to get the skill. Good riddance if they have insatiable greed and want more than anybody else in UK - they should go.

The deception continues. Quote: RBS plan for 200% bonuses blocked by Treasury body -

This is not a massive great victory for the public - it is minor propaganda by our corrupt government to pretend that the public are being looked after.

These bankers are still overpaid and get massive bonuses - and even Barclays bankers just got higher bonuses despite a 30% fall in profits.

And worst of all - still nobody in UK has been held to account for crimes that 'rogue traders' have been imprisoned for - irresponsible gambling with other peoples money. Not one person has spent a single day in jail for destroying the financial state of our country. Government continue to protect them.

As further proof - of government helping criminals escapes:

Quote: A new offence of aiding and abetting tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance is expected to be included in the budget next month, George Osborne has said in his first comprehensive parliamentary response to the HSBC scandal.

There does not need a new law - we have one already, called aiding and abetting. This is a false excuse to let the guilty off. Government are complicit.

Quote: Assisting or Encouraging Crime